We supervise stage scenography at every stage of its development. The process starts with helping our clients choose the right venue, one that will best suit to the character of the event or arrange the space that had been chosen by the client earlier. We submit our ideas and proposals in the form of a multimedia presentation.

We pay special attention to consistency, or, for lack of a better word, harmony between all scenography components. To achieve this, we continuously re-visit tiny little details as we know how much depends on them at the end of the day. In our private lives, we also have a lot of passion for decor. Our team includes graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts.

We have so far produced hundreds of event decor solutions, both big and small. We have a comprehensive collection of decor fabrics and systems for space design. As a result, we can create an impressive decor quickly with simple design solutions.

Our offer is also addressed to theatres.