Fair projects

We are an exclusive representative of HMS Easy Stretch in Poland. We apply amazing technology to developing exhibition halls for fairs, promotion/event interiors and stage decorations.

Our system of light, aluminium profiles, in combination with colour/print-on stretches allows for very ambitious projects.

The project we have developed (screens built into concrete-like walls) was so realistic that the visitors in the Rzeczpospolita guest area at the Krynica Economic Forum were convinced they were looking at a concrete wall.

The system allows for different colours, fabrics, and flexible space design. Our offer also incorporates suspended and pneumatic decorations.

Thanks to high-quality materials with exceptional light-absorption properties, we create innovative stage designs, relying on light-weight constructions.

Pneumatic decorations are excellent for building-entrance areas, working as signposts informing guests about what is happening inside.

Some of our most interesting designs include Christmas-season decorations. They are made of materials that are both durable and can be washed in a washing machine, serving your purposes for years to come.